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Since 1980, Pure Sales has been an importer and supplier of Private Label Organic Products to major retailers as well as having several control brands. WestPack Industries is owned by the principals of Pure Sales and is a packer of a wide range of organic products including sauces, oils, vinegars, and a wide range of dry bagged food products. WestPack is approved to supply private label products to many retailers. WestPack is a Peanut Free, Gluten Free facility with Organic, Kosher and BRC certs.

The High Quality, Organic Products we can supply include: Oils, Vinegars, Soy Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, Coconut Milk, anything in a bag including Coconut Products (Sugar, Flour, Desiccated, Milk Powder) Quinoa, Chia, Cacao Powder, Hot Cocoa Mix, Trail Mix, Smoothie Mixes, Thai Rice (Jasmine, Red & Black) Frozen Fruits & Veggies, Frozen Veggies with Cheese Sauce, Wheat Ramen & Rice Ramen in packs or cups.

For foreign packed retail products, we have a 3rd party inspection & testing service inspect the products after being packed and collect samples to test for residues, micros, and heavy metals.  Until all reports are completed acceptably, we do not ship the product.

We have developed a long list of excellent suppliers worldwide to supply us with ingredients and retail products, all with Organic, Kosher & GFSI certificates.

WestPack is located ¼ mile off I-80 in Sparks, NV, very convenient for logistics.

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to bid on any of your related items.

  • Founded in 1980 and specializing in Organic Private Label Retail Products
  • Privately held, husband & wife ownership
  • 2 other industry veterans on the team for Supply Chain & Sales
  • Focusing on imported products via efficient logistics

  • All suppliers meet the highest levels of Food Safety & Quality
  • Providing a wide range of products to leading retailers
  • Many SKUs available